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Wednesday March 1st
Sunday March 5th

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(541) 608-7722
1596 Biddle Rd.
Medford, OR
"You're not just buying a machine... you're buying an experience."

Bernina has been our personal machine of choice since 1995 when we were first introduced to their products. Though Jonathan had worked with all of the other brands in his 10 year career prior, Karen never felt like she could sew until she sat at her first Bernina. She tells everyone, “If there’s a way for it to go wrong – I’ve found it.” But her Bernina never left her failing and it’s been the only machine she’ll sew on since.

Our strong commitment to the brand, and the support we get from the Bernina home office, led us to become Bernina specialists. We only sell, service, and teach with Bernina.

Jonathan’s expertise as a Bernina technician has been a mainstay of our reputation. Bernina of America often hires him to assist in training other technicians throughout the country, and he is called upon by other dealers to help them with unusual problems. After Jonathan’s touch, many customers call saying their machine never sewed so well!

Jonathan also teaches our New Owner’s Guide Classes which are complimentary with purchase. His years in the sewing profession from tailoring and alterations, to working in a backpack factory, to stitching for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival gives him an unprecedented wealth of experience and knowledge. (He’s also been known to make you laugh.)

When you buy a Bernina machine from Top Stitch (new or used) we dedicate ourselves to making sure that you’re purchase was a great value by giving you exceptional service and support throughout the duration of your ownership.

Every Top Stitch Bernina includes the following services and benefits:

Complete class instruction for use of your machine combined with personal tutorials as needed.

• Free, Unlimited Trouble-Shooting assistance in person, by phone or e-mail.
• Full warranty coverage performed on our premises.
• Enrollment in our Bernina Buyers Bonus plan:
• Automatically receive 15% Off everyday of the week on regular priced items*for the full first year of ownership. (*some exclusions apply)
• Receive up to 64% Off our regular maintenance & repair rates (only applies to machines purchased here).
• 15% Discount automatically renewed for another full year after paying for maintenance or service on your Top Stitch Bernina.

All discounts and benefits are reserved for the original purchaser of a Top Stitch Bernina.

For a complete overview of the Bernina machine brand, visit www.berninausa.com

Email: info@topstitchbernina.com
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